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Emma initially began working in the legal sector in 2008 when she joined a criminal law firm. Whilst in this role Emma began her legal executive qualification. In 2013 Emma moved to DAC Beachcroft specialising in litigation, in particular personal injury. Emma graduated as member of CILEx in April 2014. 

After having gained over 8 years of experience within the law, Emma made the transition into legal recruitment, joining BCL in 2015. 

Emma specialises in placing solicitors and legal executives into roles within private practices across the East Midlands and East Anglia.

My recent blog posts


Should I lie about my salary?

I recently read an article on LinkedIn written by someone in America which out and out branded the personal questions that each job seeker is asked during the recruitment process, with a particular emphasis on current or previous salary, as “overly personal” and “ridiculous”. Apparently an interviewer, or be it recruitment consultant, asking these questions and then a job seeker answering them is...


How do I handle rejection?

I find that the absolute worst part of my job is telling a candidate that they have been rejected for a role following an interview. This is just not a pleasant experience and I hate being the bearer of bad news! The worst case is that sometimes this happens more than once. Some people get rejected a number of times following interview before, finally, securing a role. You know when they talk about...


How do I get a promotion at work?

Ultimately at some point in our life, we are going to attempt to go for a promotion; if might be a flashier title or maybe a pay rise Whatever it is, the vast majority of us are looking to climb the career ladder. The question of how to get a promotion comes with no easy answer unfortunately. “Its hard work and grafting” according to Mo Farah. Now I appreciate everyone is not heading for Gold...

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