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We work with thousands of lawyers looking for their next career move – the question is, which one is right for your business?

Over the years BCL has built a market-leading reputation in the in-house field. We build long term relationships with in-house lawyers and can often find you the most suitable candidates in the market very quickly.

Most companies need a mix of skills, experience and personality, and we have an enviable record meeting clients’ specific needs. If relevant industry experience is important, we work with lawyers in every sector, as well as junior to senior lawyers, heads of legal, company secretaries and contract managers. Whatever level you’re looking for (or first-time appointments) we can help you find the right option.

Temporary/ Interim Cover

Interim in-house lawyers have long been used to cover maternity leave and sickness. But the financial crisis of 2008 has taken the use of interim in-house lawyers to a different level – with many organisations forced to freeze permanent recruitment in their legal teams, interim recruitment increased accordingly.

This trend has continued more recently, with businesses finding they need extra legal resource on an interim or immediate basis, for a number of reasons – uncertainty in the market, rapid growth, new locations and sectors being trialled or a spike in work that doesn’t allow the company to wait around 3 months for a permanent employee to join.

Established legal teams generally look to hire lawyers at the two to four year mark on an interim basis, but the reality is there are very few immediately available at this level – so it tends to be lawyers with 15 years’ experience or more who are placed in interim roles. Interim lawyers can fall into two categories: those who enjoy the flexibility and challenges interim work offers, and those who’ve been made redundant or are out of work and take on interim work while they look for a permanent role.

‘Professional’ interims are experienced in the role and often get up to speed very quickly, and can be an invaluable resource when you don’t have the time to train and develop someone.

For both the company and lawyer it can also be a great opportunity to work with each other before committing long term, and has proven a very useful route for many clients in recent years.

For more information on interim lawyers simply talk to BCL’s in-house team.

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