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Recruitment activity for in-house lawyers across the UK

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  • Q1 – Recruitment activity for in-house lawyers across the UK

    Recruitment of in-house lawyers as I often comment is not a volume game. Therefore we never expect hundreds of roles to exist in the areas of the country that we focus, specifically, The North East/ Yorkshire/ NW/ Midlands/ Central and Home Counties.
    We never know what to expect as we enter the first quarter of the year.

    The in-house consultants keep a close eye on the market and through knowledge of the vacancies that we assist with as well as those that we don’t we are able to get an extremely good picture of the market.

    The good news for lawyers looking for an in-house move is that the market has remained fairly buoyant. Since January the in-house team has completed assignments for a whole host of leading companies such as: Manchester United, Lloyds Banking Group, BAE Systems, Mercedes-Benz, Volkswagen, Kellogg’s, Carlsberg and Molson Coors to name a small number.

    Moving in to Q2 we are seeing increased requirement in the IT and construction sectors with a number of businesses in both sectors looking to add to their teams.April through to July are generally busy months for recruitment – let’s hope this continues and even more options become available for lawyers either looking to move in-house for the first time or for the next step in their career.
    Mark Levine is the in-house legal director at BCL Legal.

    For more information on the clients that we work with please look at the BCL Legal in-house clients page. For our up to date seminar programme please visit the BCL Legal in-house seminars page or contact the team via 0845 241 0933.

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