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Choosing to become a paralegal – an alternative route

Choosing to become a paralegal – an alternative route 

The beauty of the legal profession is that it is never too late to join. Successful Solicitors and Barristers come from all backgrounds in life and have entered the legal profession through a variety of routes, such as taking a paralegal job. Some of the most highly respected lawyers have come to the law as a second career when they have finally decided that practising in the law was what they really wanted to do.

Not all lawyers go down the traditional route of studying at university, completing their law finals and then looking for a training contract. Many of them start a career within the legal profession and then gain their qualifications as they go along. This means that they can still earn a salary whilst studying and also get valuable, on the job experience along the way.

One of the best entry methods into the legal profession, for non qualified people is by way of taking a paralegal job. In doing this you get your first foot on the legal career ladder and will gain valuable experience that will stand you in good stead no matter which route you finally take.

As a paralegal you will be working under the direction of a Solicitor. They may be a partner or an associate but either way will have the experience to help you develop within the legal industry. A paralegal’s role can be varied and is never dull. You will be working on a variety of cases dealing with a number of key tasks. As your experience increases it generally follows that your responsibilities will follow the same course. You may well end up having conduct of a caseload whilst remaining responsible to the Solicitor for all aspects of the litigation.

The major benefit of becoming a paralegal is that is gives you a proper taste of what working in the legal profession is like. If you want the bright lights and buzz of working for a big firm or organisation than applying for a paralegal job may well be perfect for you. This would truly give you an insight and experience that would stand you in good stead whether you decide to continue with a career in law or use it as a highlight point on your CV for the future.

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