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Recruitment and the Digital Age

We are now in a world where technology is taking over and nearly everything can be done by the touch of a button. Working in recruitment I feel that the service we provide should be personal, tailor made to each candidate and about building relationships, not just about placing candidates and that’s the end of it. As a recruiter that specialises in residential property, I have seen an increase in the number of candidates wanted to do everything over email. Is this just specific to residential conveyancers? Chantel Gallagher, Consultant with BCL Legal in Birmingham offers her opinion on recruitment and the digital age.

Technology is developing at a rapid pace which means we all have to adapt quickly to change. Something that I have noticed recently is that more and more residential conveyancers want to do everything over email rather than pick up the phone to have a conversation about their situation. I find this quite interesting when I see my colleagues that deal with other areas of law such as corporate or to make a more direct comparison commercial property having long in depth conversations with their candidates. This could possibly be because these types of roles are much more client facing whereas residential conveyancing seems to be moving more towards being online based which could be having a direct impact on the way that residential conveyancers approach recruiters.

I am by no way saying dealing with candidates over email does not work but there are certain parts of the process that must be done over the phone as it is so easy to misinterpret something over email and this could be down to the mood you are or simply down to a grammatical mistake.

Will recruitment become a completely online service where there is no client/candidate interaction? Only time will tell. I really do not hope that’s the case as its part the job that I really enjoy and would thoroughly miss.

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