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The 24 hour divorce

I saw an article in the paper last week on a new service being offered by a number of law firms relating to a 24 hour divorce clinic for couples wishing to dissolve their marriage. As a newly wed myself I certainly won’t be requiring such services any time soon (well at least I hope not!) – but it really got me thinking.

With my recent nuptials very much in my mind – I couldn’t help but think how much of a shame it is that couples are now able to make such a huge life decision so quickly in the space of 24 hours. Vows are made with a lifetime in mind. A commitment beyond all others to share ones lives together forever – literally for better for worse, and to pledge to power through even in the darkest of times.

The reality is – and I would be naive to assume that this was never the case – that not all marriages work out. That is fact. That is a really difficult truth for some people to face – and perhaps a long drawn out divorce process can be emotionally difficult, a financial strain, and hugely painful for those involved. But in some cases it could be as simple as wanting to make a clean break and that decision is very much made and set in stone. I wonder though, how can the family solicitors running these 24 hour services distinguish couples who have reasons and grounds for a quick divorce, from those who have just had an overly heated argument that has gone a bit too far. There must be measures in place to make sure this isn’t just a shotgun decision – and that both parties involved are very much of the same opinion. How are they quantifying this?

I also began to think how this could relate to the recruitment of family solicitors, which has been a very quiet area over the last few years. The answer is, I am not sure. Do Solicitors necessarily want to associate themselves with these “quickie divorces”, could it be deemed as a quick and easy way to make money, but not necessarily taking into consideration the consequences. The family market has seen positive signs of improvement in recent months, with a number of positions now becoming available in the Yorkshire market.

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