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What do you expect from job interviews?

As a candidate you generally have the same expectations when it comes to interviews both before, during and after the process.

Some of the main turn offs for job seekers include, late interviewers, while others get frustrated at the lengthy recruitment process and the lack of feedback, especially if it has been a lengthy process.

As a recruiter, one of the main things I find is that during the interview process candidates want to be kept in the loop.  They want to have a conversation regarding feedback, positive or negative rather than just be emailed. One of the most frustrating things I find as a recruiter is a client failing to give full feedback on a candidate. Candidates can be a little unrealistic in their expectations as most feel that a week should be enough to get a decision, but in reality it’s a big decision for a firm and so the process can take over a month.

As much as it is imperative for a candidate to fully prepare prior to interview,  its also important for interviewers to prepare and set a good impression to a potential new recruit.

Occasionally we do get feedback following an interview that a candidate no longer wants to be considered as they found the interviewer unprofessional, late, or not seeming organised.

The interview process is important in shaping their own perception of an employer.

So regardless of if you are attending interview as a client or candidates preparation and communication at all stages are key.

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