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Why BCL Legal?

Why BCL Legal?

Having been in recruitment for six years I have been fortunate to only work for reputable recruitment agencies. I started my career with a large London based recruiter who took the time to turn me from university student to recruitment professional before moving onto a niche legal boutique where I honed my trade. I have now found a home with BCL Legal. At all stages of my career honesty and integrity have been drummed into me as the cornerstones of being a successful legal recruiter and I have always been fortunate to have worked with inspirational managers who take a real pride in their business and consultants.

We all hear the horror stories and (in some instances) urban legends about the unethical practices of legal recruiters; these range from one consultant sending a CV by accident to the applicants’ line manager to a rather well known international consultancy accidently emailing a group of candidates their current salaries causing a huge uproar within one of the departments of a well known bank.

To set the record straight BCL Legal will never send your CV anywhere without your express consent – ideally in writing. I spend much of my time talking to candidates about how BCL Legal operates – the level of detail we strive to obtain regarding each mandate and the lengths we go to understand your background means when you speak to a consultant at BCL Legal you should feel confident that you are in safe hands. We continually come up against other recruitment consultants who send CVs without gaining a candidates’ consent. Time and time again. One HR manager of a leading insurance litigation practice in Birmingham told me his HR team spend most of their day sorting out duplicate applications. In some instances a forgetful or careless candidate who does not understand the damage of a duplicated representation can be to blame; nine times out of 10 it is a trigger happy recruiter.

So why (from someone who has been around the legal recruitment block) should BCL Legal be a go to agency for any candidate considering their next move? We are market specific specialists who truly are plugged into our sector – I only handle insurance litigation recruitment so that is all I am qualified to advise on. We tell it how it is, hopefully you will find our service to be an honest one with a true appraisal of how we can (or cannot) assist.

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