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37 Questions to Ask Yourself if Your Team Lacks Motivation

Do I SEE them for who they are?

• What do I know about my team members as people? i.e: What do they do for fun? What is their significant other’s name?
• Do I know about their additional talents and skills (those not necessarily used in their core job) that we could tap into for special projects or events?
• Do I help them leverage and develop their strengths?

Do I TRUST them?

• Do I rely on them to make decisions in their areas of expertise?
• Am I able to be vulnerable with them?


• How do I advocate for them and their careers?
• Who needs more support?
• Have I ensured they have the adequate tools and resources to be effective?

Am I CONNECTING with them?

• Does my team truly understand what we’re trying to accomplish and why?
• Do we have times that we talk about things other than work?
• Do we enjoy being around one another?

Am I HEARING what they are telling me?

• How could I make it easier for them to give me feedback?
• When someone gives me bad news how do I respond?
• Do I ask for their opinions?


• Do I involve them in decisions?
• Am I willing to share sensitive information?
• Do I give them opportunities to present to my boss?


• Do we take time to understand our successes as well as our failures?
• How do I help my team become more resilient to setbacks?
• What could we start doing today that would have the biggest impact on our results?

Am I RECOGNISING their contributions?

• Do I provide a good mix of positive and constructive feedback?
• Do I say “thank you” enough?
• Do I know how each of my team members likes to be recognised?


• Do we find time to enjoy our work and one another?
• Do I create an environment that fosters creativity and fun?

Am I REAL with them?

• Do I share my thoughts and feelings with candor?
• Do I explain the reasons behind controversial decisions?


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