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Nigel Risner on how to make you & your business G.R.O.W….

For many years people have used coaching to assist them and their business to grow. The acronym ‘G.R.O.W’ has been around for a considerable amount of time and if you really want to make it work here are some questions to clarify this very useful tool.

~ Goal
~ Reality
~ Options
~ Wrap it up/Way Forward

The key to coaching and using the GROW model is all about asking awesome questions. Coaching isn’t telling the employee what to do – it’s helping the employee come up with his or her own answers by asking the right question at the right time.

Goal: Coaching starts with establishing a goal. It could be a performance goal, a development goal, a problem to solve, a decision to make, or a goal for the coaching session. Here are five questions designed to help someone gain clarity on their goal:

1. What goal do you want to achieve?
2. What would you like to happen with ______?
3. What do you really want?
4. What would you like to accomplish?
5. What result are you trying to achieve?

Current Reality: This step in the GROW model helps you and the employee gain awareness of the current situation – what’s going on, the context, the magnitude of the situation, etc. The key is to take it slow and easy – it’s not a rapid-fire interrogation. Let the employee think and reflect. Use active listening skills – this is NOT the time to jump to solution generation or share your own opinions. Here are five questions designed to clarify the current reality:

1. What is happening now (what, who, when & how often)? What is the affect or result of this?
2. Have you already taken any steps towards your goal?
3. How would you describe what you did?
4. Where are you now in relation to your goal?
5. On a scale of one to ten where are you?

Options: Once you both have a clear understanding of the situation, the coaching conversation turns to what the employee can do to reach their goal. Here are six questions designed to help the employee explore options and/or generate solutions:

1. What are your options?
2. What do you think you need to do next?
3. What could be your first step?
4. What do you think you need to do to get a better result (or closer to your goal)?
5. What else could you do?
6. Who else might be able to help?

Wrap it up, or Way Forward is the last step in the GROW model. In this step, the coach checks for commitment and helps the employee establish a clear action plan for next steps. Here are five questions to help achieve this:

1. How are going to go about it?
2. What do you think you need to do right now?
3. Tell me how you’re going to do that.
4. How will you know when you have done it?
5. Is there anything else you can do?


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