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Nigel Risner on the best ‘leadership’ tips money can buy:

Sometimes you have to model from the best and this month we are making it really easy for you. We have found ten of the best tips on ‘Leadership’ that money can buy:

1. Run through the tape.
“Remarkable leaders create acceleration and urgency among others that results in people who reach the finish line fast and then keep running. How fast are you running?” : Alan Weiss, president, Summit Consulting Group

2. Take action! Underplan and overexecute.
“The most successful people start a lot. Stop trying to make it perfect. You’ll never make it perfect. Rather, make it helpful, and send it out to your customers and prospects.” : Alex L. Goldfayn, CEO, Evangelist Marketing Institute

3. Follow me.
“Growing up in Israel and serving in the Israeli military, I learned that the most powerful leaders’ mindset is that of having others follow them. Lead by example.” : Chad Barr, president, Chad Barr Consulting

4. Talk the walk.
“The finest leaders I’ve encountered know when to tell (direct) and when to ask (explore). They not only ‘walk the talk,’ they consistently talk the walk. Their communications inspire and create dominant organisations.” : Kim Wilkerson, owner, Wilkerson Consulting Group

5. Know where you stand.
“The best leaders are more like Archimedes than Sisyphus. They make the most important decision–where must I stand for maximum leverage?” : Constance Dierickx, president, CD Consulting Group

6. Get rid of your average.
“Top-performing leaders manage their teams to ensure 80% or more are hitting targets and poor performers are coached up or out quickly. To do this, they get rid of their average, not merely their underachieving. Their tolerance level is far below what most companies will endure. I call this ‘Finding the best, removing the rest.” : Colleen Francis, president, Engage Selling Solutions

7. Passion & Purpose.
“They live their brand with passion and on purpose, whether it’s popular or not. They are not afraid, and they consistently project their story.” : Karen Post, president, Brain Tattoo Branding

8. Full speed ahead.
“The best leaders are focused on speed so that they can pursue quick results in a series of sprints. They keep their people focused on short-term goals that are not only visible but exciting and valuable for both the business and its customers.” : Phil Symchych, president, SYMCO & CO

9. Challenge the ordinary.
“Great leaders make exceptional decisions and insist others do too.” : Linda Henman, president, Henman Performance Group

10. Be thoughtfully ruthless.
“Remarkable leaders know how to be ruthless, in a thoughtful way with their time, their energy, and their resources to generate energy and extra capacity, and to catapult their growth.” : Val Wright, president, Val Wright Consulting


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