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Nigel Risner on ‘Vision and Mission’

I have 17 questions I always ask about Vision and Mission that I’ve decided to share. Here goes:

• What is the vision?

• Is the business capable of reaching its vision?

• Where should the business be in five years?

• What does the business want to achieve over the next five to 10 years (goals)?

• What will the business look like once its goals are achieved?

• What are the key values that the business stands for?

• What is the key message (or phrase) that best describes the business?

• Do the founders and owners have a personal vision of how the business will look or provide its services in the future?

• What should differentiate the business from its competitors?

• Does the business have a clearly defined mission?

• Why does the business exist?

• Why is the business needed?

• How should employees view the business?

• How should the business be viewed by its customers?

• What are the critical things for the business to achieve?

• What makes the business unique?

If you cannot answer these questions there is a good chance your competitors can and are!

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