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Nigel Risner shares his top 10 shifts to make you change your mindset…

We are limited in potential only by our minds. Our mindset is the first thing we have to overcome before we step forward to doing anything else. We can spend our lives second-guessing ourselves and never move from one spot for fear of making the wrong move. We can turn our mindset around by turning the questions we ask ourselves around. Here are a few:

1. Instead of “why…” …ask “why not …
Step up to the plate of challenge. You’ll never know the positive outcomes unless you try. Better to fail from making an effort than from inertia. You can always step back, regroup and start again.

2. Instead of “not me.. .” … say “take me …”
It takes more effort to not do something than to do it. Open up to new experiences, you’ll discover potential in yourself you never knew you had. The time to start is now.

3. Instead of “I can’t …” …say “Yes, I can if I want to …”
You can do ANYTHING you put your mind to do. Never be intimidated by the fact that you’ve never done it. Do it. Discover wonderful talents about yourself.

4. Instead of “not now …”…ask “why not now …”
The best time to do anything that your mind conceives is now. Yesterday is gone, tomorrow is a promissory note, today is all you have; use it or lose it.

5. Instead of “I have to do (this thing or that) first ….” … ask “what can I do today that will move me toward my goal?”
There will always be a reason for not taking action. Don’t wait for that one big thing to happen before you move forward, do one small thing today that will catapult you forward toward your goal, no matter how small. The point is to start immediately.

6. Instead of “I don’t have the money to …” …. say “what can I do to get the money I need to?”
Get a part-time job, do some freelance work, sell something. Do whatever it is you need to do to get that extra cash to support your goal. There is always a way.

7. Instead of “I’m only one person …” …ask “who do I know who can help me?”
Everyone knows someone who has a talent or skill that can complement their own. Put your minds and time together to create whatever it is you want.

8. Instead of “I don’t have enough …” …ask “What can I let go of that will free up my time, money, energy, space etc) …”
Write down everything you do in a typical day then analyse it closely for the time, money, energy-wasters. Use that resource to begin your campaign towards your goal.

9. Instead of “I don’t know how to …” ask “where can I get this information…”
Become internet savvy to research your topic, service, product or idea. Go to the local librarian to learn how to do an internet search or use other resources there to gain information. Information is readily available today for the asking.

10. Instead of “My spouse (girlfriend, boyfriend, parent, boss) won’t let me …” …ask “how can I engage this person to my point of view …”
Most peoples’ objections to an idea are down to ignorance or misperceptions. Use data, testimonials, news items, etc. that will support your viewpoints. Speak with conviction. Step up to the plate and don’t let yourself be dissuaded if you really want it.


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