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Nigel Risner: The Top 10 Steps to Getting What You Deserve.

There is a wonderful quote from Jonathan Winters: “I couldn’t wait for success, so I went ahead without it.” I love that!

If you want success, sooner or later you have to take action and go for it! Too often we try to schedule success. We try to plan it for after we buy a home or get a raise or for that proverbial “someday”. Well, life doesn’t work that way. The truth is that every day is the perfect day to do the right thing, to pursue your dreams, to take action, to begin.

Start by clarifying the dream.

Dream it big, dream it often, and always in living colour! Imagine the problems, the benefits, the skills you’ll need and the people you’ll meet along the way. Dream often and dream the details.

Create a plan.

What will your dream cost? How will it work? How long will it take? Who will help you get there? How will you solve the challenges, over-come the obstacles and become the person you’ll need to become to reach your goal?

Reach out. We live in an amazing time.

You can write, phone, fax or email just about anyone on earth! Consult with experts. Talk to people who have achieved whatever you want to achieve. Truly successful people are usually delighted to show others the way. Make the calls.

Tell others.

There is no substitute for talking about your dreams. Saying the words makes them powerful. Talk about where you want to go, what you want to do, and who you will become. And as a benefit, you’ll discover people who will help you along the way.

Take action!

No matter what your dream, there is a step you can take today. If you are serious, there is someone you can call or write. There is a book you can read, or some action that will start you on the path. Steven Spielberg snuck onto movies lots as a teenager, just to look around. What action will you take today?

Buy a calendar.

Deadlines can be risky because if we miss our schedule we may think we have “failed”. That’s crazy, but sometimes we tell ourselves crazy stuff. More importantly, schedules add structure and give us a map to follow. Use a calendar to challenge yourself.

Eliminate distractions.
This is a tough one, and a favourite excuse of the “almost successful”. Successful people eliminate the distractions of life. Combine errands, delegate tasks, hire people to do the things you don’t want to do. Simplify your life and never waste time.

Invest wisely.

Successful people understand that their dreams will require an investment of time or money or energy and they are prepared to pay the price. Whatever your dream, it will require some risk, and some investment. Make the investment.

Create room for success.

All of us are doing something every moment of every day, and making your dreams come true will require some adjustments. Whether it’s adjusting your schedule, your finances, or your use of energy, you’ll have to make room for success.

Have a mentor.

Whether you hire a professional coach or find a local expert, successful people have coaches. There are very few “self-made” successes! We all need someone to believe in us, someone to encourage, challenge and applaud us. Develop a close relationship with a coach who can show you the way to your dreams!

Success is no accident. Success is always the result of our best efforts. It’s the result of investing time, energy, careful thought and hard work. It’s the result of taking action, getting started, making mistakes, learning from them and trying again. There is simply no better time to start than today.


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