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Can your current firm accommodate your reasons for wanting to leave?

Can your current firm accommodate your reasons for wanting to leave?

So its Sunday night and you are dreading your Monday morning return. So you log onto a jobs board and they inviting descriptions of new opportunities get the grey matter turning. You then take the new step and upload your CV and she what happens.

I would always encourage you to think it through properly before making this step. Have you really thought about your reasons?

Is it something that if you raised it with your current firm they would accommodate? Don’t take it as read  that your boss knows you are disgruntled about pay or your title, caseload etc. Firms want to retain good staff and if its something that a sensible talk can resolve it is better than getting to offer stage with another firm only to resign and have your firm offer you the same to stay.

This frequently happens and it puts you in a bad position not only with your firm but also the firm you now have an offer with. So I would always encourage open and frank discussions before you take the next step.

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