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Category Archives: 2016


Why do you want to move in-house?

When you go into an interview for an in-house role, unless you are already working in house, then it is almost certain that this fateful question is going to come up. In my experience there are two over-arching ways to answer this question (although many

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When it comes to career breaks, how long is too long? Allow me if you will to indulge my inner child for a moment… I am a big fan of professional wrestling. Yes I know it’s scripted, rehearsed, staged and effectively a semi-violent pantomime, but

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Hi Ho Hi Ho – its off on maternity I go…

If someone had asked me this time last year what I was going to be doing for Christmas, being the only sober one at the Christmas Party would not have been my first response! I LOVE our Christmas party – I LOVE to be the

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Exit Interviews

When it comes to why an employee has left your business is ‘ignorance bliss’ or should you want to know the reasons behind the decision? Well, as a legal recruiter I know that the biggest bar to growth is attracting and retaining staff. As a

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On a mission…

So at anyone time, I have normally tasked myself with several ‘missions’, always a heady mix of professional and personal. Some are realistic, some not so realistic. I am also a list maker. I love my lists! So you can imagine, in the run up

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