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Homeworking in a nutshell (For the employer)

Why move to Manchester?

During the final quarter of 2016, Manchester’s economy performed strongly, therefore making it one of the top three fastest growing UK cities. According to Irwin Mitchells UK Powerhouse report, Manchester achieved growth of 2.8% in comparison to the same point in 2016. The report shows

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Birmingham Property Hype… speeds up!

Do employers look at my Linked In?

So you have started your journey to find your new dream role you have spent lengthy periods of time articulating and piecing together a very detailed CV to ensure you are showcasing your skills, achievements, experience and attributes in the brightest light possible. You have

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Worst interview ever?

Maternity Leave, see you in spring 2018!

This is to be my final blog for nine months or so. Those clients and candidates who I’ve spoken with regularly will know I’m soon to be a first time mum; any tips will be greatly received! My full time job will go from managing

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A Change is as Good as a Rest

Do Lawyers have to carry out Business Development?

Business Development – no matter how you feel, it is becoming a fundamental part of a lawyers’ life. Why is it important? Most of the firms that I work with are very interested in candidates who aspire to be more than just a lawyer. That

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BCL Legal held it’s first national careers roadshow in Sheffield

Private Client Lawyers – the unsung heroes of the legal world?

Providing advice which will help to preserve, build, and maintain wealth and establish trusts is no mean feat. 
The range of advice that private client lawyers provide is often complex. Acting for high net worth individuals, the work can range from wills and testamentary issues

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Why using more than one recruitment agency is the worst move you can make

Should you accept the counter offer?

You’ve just completed the recruitment process and have finally found the ideal role for. Verbally accepted and ready to hand in your notice when your current employer turns around and asks you what can they do to make you stay? You tell them your frustrations

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What does good customer service in residential conveyancing mean to you?

I recently went on holiday to Boston. No not Boston in Lincolnshire (although I have heard it’s nice there) but Boston in America, the home of MIT, Harvard, the freedom trail and of course the Samuel Adams brewery. I had been looking forward to this

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The benefits of team work

Why should I use a recruitment consultant?

It’s a question I am often asked what is the benefit of using a recruiter? Working in this industry for over four years this question has often been asked and let me tell you there are lots which perhaps you have never though of. In

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Recent developments in Personal Injury law and the effect on Claimant PI

As you’ll be aware, the announcement of the upcoming election in June has been a major talking point this month. How the result plays out and what it means for the country remains to be seen. The question that many personal injury lawyers will concern

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Interview preparation

Location, location, location!

The location an individual works in is an extremely important matter to consider – and rightly so! Location dictates a number of factors that have to be considered in any job move. Widening the geographical area that someone might consider can allow individuals to access

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The best there is, the best there was, the best there ever will be!

Does racism still exist in Law firms?

I think not, or at least I hope not… Growing up in the UK as a child of Sri Lankan parents meant I would always be a little bit different. I went to a school in Derbyshire that wasn’t particularly ethnically diverse and in my

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Much Ado About a Brexit?

Are dads pulling their weight?

I am extremely fortunate that my husband (a lawyer) is able to share childcare with me and we are equally responsible for dropping off and collecting our young children. He is a great example of where law firm flexibility works. He works for a top

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