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The Circle of Life

To this day that opening scene of the Lion King is probably one of my favourite moments of a Disney film. The stage show is superb as well; if you haven’t seen it I would highly recommend it! I wish I had a friend like

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Ria Karnik

To do or not to do…?

I’m a list-maker. I love them. It may be partly down to my love of stationery (the excitement of getting a new pen or starting a fresh notebook can make me a bit giddy) but there’s an added satisfaction in seeing everything I need to

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Why work for the rest, when you can work for the best

Five years’ ago I sat in a six month review meeting with my Associate Director James Brewster and talked very openly about wanting to build the biggest and most successful commercial legal recruitment team in Birmingham. Very specifically this included wanting to open up a

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Amy Orley

Reputation v Reality

At BCL Legal we have the privilege of working with a full range of law firms and legal professionals; from high street boutique practices to magic circle firms, from paralegals to managing partners.  Without exception, the clients that we represent have their own USPs and

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Sam bw

Should you include hobbies on your CV?

Traditionally, CV writing advice goes that you shouldn’t really include your hobbies on your CV, mainly because they take up valuable space and waste the precious few seconds a recruiter/ potential employer spends skimming through your history. However, traditions are there to be broken and

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