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UK productivity gap

Recent statistics show that the UK workforce is more inefficient than all other g7 countries. http://www.theguardian.com/business/2016/feb/18/uk-productivity-gap-widens-to-worst-level-since-records-began. This increasing gap means that our workers produce significantly less per hour than other nations and in turn generate less for the companies employing them. This ‘productivity gap’ is

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Blurred lines…

A recent article in the Gazette piqued my interest. It highlighted claims by CILEx that it is becoming more common for qualified solicitors to be recruited into paralegal positions. The article cited a recent advertisement by Baker & Mckenzie for a dispute resolution paralegal. The

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Training Contracts: Is it worth it?

It is a fact universally acknowledged that many talented LLB Graduates, even after obtaining excellent academics, undertaking work placements and vacation schemes, dedicating themselves to years of hard work and filling out probably hundreds of (dull and time consuming) applications will still struggle to secure

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Paralegals seeking a training contract – is there an alternative route to qualification?

That elusive training contract can seem so far away especially when you’ve spent years studying to fulfil your ambition to qualify as a solicitor to then wait for what seems like a disproportionate amount of time to finally qualify into your chosen profession. There have

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When it comes to residential property recruitment, think outside the box

I recently read an interesting article on Recruitment Grapevine which stated that one in ten new recruits are regarded as a ‘poor hiring decision’ and that 70% of HR Directors have hired someone that has not met expectations. I speak to law firms every day

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