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I’m an overworked lawyer…get me out of here!

The transactional legal market has remained consistently busy over recent years.  Transactional lawyers, including corporate, banking and real estate lawyers working at all sizes of firms, from top tier/national to small boutique practices have been busy with quality work across the board, but why is

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Don’t Stop Believing

Wouldn’t life be more fun if it was like a musical?! Honestly, can you imagine just breaking out into song and dance in the middle of the street and everyone around just joining in? It would be amazing! Well that’s just my opinion of course,

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Corporate Law is back.

As we roll through the first quarter of 2016 it is clear the market for corporate solicitors is improving dramatically. Reports from our clients indicate that activity is mostly due to mergers and acquisitions although some teams also report an increase in buy outs and

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If you are considering a move, now’s the time to take the plunge!

The Yorkshire legal market is booming. As we leave Easter well and truly behind and accelerate into summer there’s a renewed optimism evident in the number of instructions we’ve had. This year to date opportunities are up 25% since 2014 across many practice areas.For a

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Preparing for an In-house interview: some subtle differences you should consider

Interviewing for an in-house role requires a different approach to that which one would employ for a private practice interview. The interviewers are not simply assessing technical legal skills, they are looking for lawyers who understand the company and industry sector, who are commercially focussed

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