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Sam bw

Should you include hobbies on your CV?

Traditionally, CV writing advice goes that you shouldn’t really include your hobbies on your CV, mainly because they take up valuable space and waste the precious few seconds a recruiter/ potential employer spends skimming through your history. However, traditions are there to be broken and

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Emma Lester bw

Back to School

September; a new academic year, a new start. Some of you could be getting children ready for a new school term, you may have friends who are teachers and they are getting ready to go back to work and meet their new classes. My nephew,

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CVs and the “Two Page Myth”

We see a range of CVs on a daily basis ranging in length from fifteen pages to one page, however the most common length we see is exactly two pages long. Why? Time and time again I hear that candidates have been told that their

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Katherine Scarff

What will you write?

Have you ever sent your CV somewhere and not heard anything back? Perhaps you thought they have filled the vacancy or your experience just wasn’t quite what they were looking for. It is an interesting topic. What if you are right and are exactly what

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What do you do at the weekend?

Do you remember when you were back in school and there was that one lesson, usually around the time you were applying for work experience, when the teacher sat the whole class down and talked you through writing a CV? Back then when you’re 15

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