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The Apprentice

I have worked with BCL Legal as an Apprentice Database Administrator for just over six months now. An apprenticeship is perfect for me because I’m a practical, hands-on person. I’m not academic at all, I don’t test well and I don’t do long essays (apart from

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Changing job sectors

In 2012 I swapped the art studio for the office when I decided to become an admin apprentice within a small PPI company where I completed both my Business Administration level 2 and AAT level 2 qualifications. I started my AAT Level 3 at the

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A question of quality

Having started work at the tender age of 16 as an office junior in a barristers’ chambers in Manchester, one thing that I became accustomed to early in my working life was that of quality. Being teleported pretty much directly from a Salford college into

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Every dog has its day

Going to university for some is to embrace higher education and extend their knowledge in their chosen degree subject. For others, the actual education bit is a necessary evil and is very much secondary to having fun, dossing about and drinking to excess whilst trying

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Do you still need a law degree to be a lawyer?

Hands up if you are a lawyer who completed a law degree? Hands up non-law degree lawyers? It seems the latter are getting the recognition they deserve. We are finding an increasing number of lawyers who have completed a different degree and then completed the

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