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Flexible working as an in-house lawyer: Myth or reality?

This is a topic that has become increasingly prominent in recent years and it seems each week a law firm is coming up with a new idea to enable its lawyers to access agile working. Unsurprisingly, those law firms that have successfully implemented flexible working

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Flexible working

Flexible working is a term that more and more lawyers are now putting on their tick list when deciding to move jobs. It’s not only working mums (and dads!) coming back from maternity leave, since the right to request flexible working became open to all

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Business is mad not to embrace flexible working*

* According to Steve Varley, Managing Partner and Chairman of Ernst & Young and I must say I totally agree! In a recent article in the Times newspaper Steve Varley commented: “Five years ago flexible work was something we tolerated at Ernst & Young. If

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Flexible Firms

Progressive, forward-thinking, advanced. Are these words you might attribute to law firms? No, me neither. For me, appropriate adjectives might be ‘‘traditional, conservative and conventional’. Having said that, law firms are changing their approach in the way they work for their clients and in the

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Change of circumstances? Need to request flexible working?

During your working life there may come a time whereby your personal circumstances change which has a knock on affect to your job. It may be that you have children, and it is necessary to work around nursery pick ups and drop offs. Or perhaps

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