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Don’t believe the hype

Why choose recruitment?

Many of our recruiters at BCL Legal are ex lawyers who have taken the decision to change career whilst still utilizing their legal knowledge. Thinking of moving out of law when you have gone through extensive and often costly training is a hard decision to

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A guide to working as a temporary document review lawyer

BCL Legal – What it’s like on the inside…

My name is Joe Blackburn and I’m a geography student in my final year at Newcastle Uni. At some point in the last year I decided I was going to take a brave punt and attempt to enter the recruitment industry. With a spare week on

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Nick Fear

BCL Legal – Why wouldn’t you work here?

It is a source of considerable perplexity that BCL Legal continues to grow our presence across the Midlands and South West, whilst our competitors appear to be standing still. Our growth isn’t about “bums on seats” but it is a necessity to continue to try

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Paralegals - Should I stay or should I go?

Back to BCL Legal, the right role?

I first encountered BCL Legal in 2004 when I entrusted them with my next career move. As it happens that career move ended up being with BCL Legal as their first employee! I did move on from BCL Legal and went back into practice but

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Is there any flexibility… in relation to your perfect candidate?

Have you considered your career aspirations recently… I recently did and look where I ended up!!

“It never ceases to amaze me how many people give very little thought to major career decisions”. [James Caan, Linked In, 2 September 2014] The quote above got me thinking… There are certain times in our lives where we reach a junction of ‘change’. Often

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