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The Best Way to Give Feedback

Bill Gates once said ‘We all need people who will give us feedback. That’s how we improve’ As a recruiter an important part of our role is providing feedback to a candidate both in a positive and negative light. Now this sounds like a really

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Liam- b&w

Interview questions YOU can ask to help find out more about your possible new role/ company!

An integral part of the process in finding a new legal position is being interviewed for the opportunity. This will often trigger in-depth preparation for the interview including gathering information on the organisation, researching key stakeholders as well as ensuring that your own technical knowledge

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Calling all Legal Line Managers – How to make interview feedback work for you

Calling all Legal Line Managers – How to make interview feedback work for you A regular grumble I hear from candidates who have undertaken interviews concerns feedback from the prospective employer. These grumbles might be about the lack of feedback, its generic nature, ‘unfair’ feedback,

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Dress to impress

Wearing the right interview outfit will not guarantee you the job of your dreams; what you say and do in the interview itself will ultimately determine your fate. However, first impressions in job interviews are key and as you walk into a room, your interviewer

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Back to school blues

I’m sure this is a genuine medical condition suffered by both children and parents alike. Whilst symptoms vary, both tend to suffer increasing levels of anxiety the closer it gets to the first day of term. Children pale at the mere thought of losing their

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