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How to prepare yourself for a counter-offer situation

Good lawyers are in demand. All too often the ‘counter-offer’ puts a very big fly in the ointment and a flaw in your plans to leave your current firm. Before accepting a counter-offer it’s important to consider the reasons why you want to leave in

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Interview questions YOU can ask to help find out more about your possible new role/ company!

An integral part of the process in finding a new legal position is being interviewed for the opportunity. This will often trigger in-depth preparation for the interview including gathering information on the organisation, researching key stakeholders as well as ensuring that your own technical knowledge

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Calling all Legal Line Managers – How to make interview feedback work for you

Calling all Legal Line Managers – How to make interview feedback work for you A regular grumble I hear from candidates who have undertaken interviews concerns feedback from the prospective employer. These grumbles might be about the lack of feedback, its generic nature, ‘unfair’ feedback,

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Dress to impress

Wearing the right interview outfit will not guarantee you the job of your dreams; what you say and do in the interview itself will ultimately determine your fate. However, first impressions in job interviews are key and as you walk into a room, your interviewer

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Should I take my engagement ring off for an interview? What?!

An article popped up in my linkedin newsfeed today about a US recruiter advising women not to wear their engagement rings at interview. Controversial topic no?! Can… of… worms… In the past I have heard a number of candidates say to me “I’m going to

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