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It’s a conveyancers world

Holidays Are Coming

It’s nearly October where has the year gone; does anyone else feel like the year has flown by? Working in recruitment you are working in a fast paced environment which makes the year go even faster. In the conveyancing market there seems to be certain

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The best there is, the best there was, the best there ever will be!

Should I move to London?

Yes. No. Maybe? It depends on the situation, surely?! I grew up in Derbyshire, it was wonderfully quaint and leafy but not somewhere I wanted to stay beyond 18 if I could avoid it. It was too quiet, I wanted some excitement! I went to

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BCL Legal held it’s first national careers roadshow in Sheffield

Why honesty is always the best policy

According to Collins Dictionary, “if you have integrity, you are honest and firm in your moral principles”. It’s a quality which frequently tops the charts as one of the top attributes of a great leader, a great business and a great employee. It’s one of

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Why are my employees leaving?

It’s a fact – people don’t leave bad businesses, they leave bad managers. Probably the worst place a good employee can be, is stuck in a company with a micro-manager that doesn’t know what they are doing and blocking their opportunities for growth and advancement.

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Don’t be a mouse – Stand out.

Should I accept my job offer?

Are you stressed? Stress is single-handedly the main culprit for our peaceful and content existence to become oh not so peaceful. All humans like routine. Even those who claim to be wholly free spirited do follow a routine. I would argue that we as a

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A bike commuter’s thoughts on the next generation of lawyers

When Training Contracts Are Like Hens Teeth…Qualifying by Equivalent Means

About 16,000 people graduate in England & Wales each year with a Law degree these days, with a further 6,000 getting through the LPC each year, but unfortunately there’s only about 5,000 training contracts up for grabs each year, so the whole process gets more

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Why using more than one recruitment agency is the worst move you can make

Can you compare The Football Transfer Market to the NQ Market?

As September is nearly over, it marks the end of the football transfer market which as usual gets more bizarre each year. However, September also marks the beginning of the end for the NQ season with most newly qualified solicitors starting in September. My colleague

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NQ Careers Seminar – Birmingham

Real Estate Solicitor Jobs in Birmingham!

Real estate solicitors… don’t assume you won’t be of interest to the leading national/international firms because you’re training or experience is from a smaller firm, we can help! As a legal recruitment consultant at BCL Legal, I work in a very specific market; my primary

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Big brother is watching you…

Litigation roles in a thriving market

Commercial litigation has always been a highly sought after practice area when qualifying. It offers the ability for a breadth of work and pick of a huge range of firms, with those from the top tier to large nationals, regional and boutique practices generally having

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A Change is as Good as a Rest

Can I delay my start date?

You’ve done it! You have secured a new role that ticks most, if not all, of your boxes. You have received your contract and are happy with the content. You’ve scribbled your name in agreement to the terms. Now what?! Your start date is probably

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Am I being paid enough?

If you’re anything like me then apart from the August bank holiday and the 2-3 days (or should I say hours!) of summer we experience, one of the best days of August is transfer deadline day. Whether it’s the big clubs paying an extortionate amount

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NQ solicitors – where do you see yourself in ten years?

What to expect from an interview process

Interviews. Some people genuinely love them (I imagine that these are the people who enjoyed tests when they were at school). Other people can find them quite daunting – and in some instances it can make the job search suddenly seem frightfully real. The reality

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