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Ria Cuming B&W

How to know it’s time to leave your job

Some people, and we all would like to think that’s us, know exactly when it is the right time to leave their current job. Whereas for others it is not as obvious and can take a very long time for them to realise! Below are

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Justyna. Kucharska

Are you happy?

Many of us lawyers have had a pretty tough and bumpy ‘career’ road and are definitely not shy of hard work but what if the final destination does not get any easier? Firstly, we strive for the best grades to make it to university and

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Justyna. Kucharska

The Unemployed NQ…is that YOU?

For many aspiring lawyers the ultimate achievement is securing the much sought after training contract which opens up the path to qualification. Of course this is a big achievement which is not to be undervalued by any means! However, many trainees especially those halfway through

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“Anchoring” – use this technique to get a better deal during your salary negotiations!

Quartz magazine recently published an article which focused on studies by Columbia University and the University of Idaho. The premise of the article is that most people start their salary negotiations wrong, by opening the bidding with a single number rather than a range. Instead,

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Lucky b&w

How does the Autumn Statement affect the Personal Injury market?

I am a personal injury specialist and specialise in the recruitment of claimant and defendant personal injury Solicitors, Legal Executives and Paralegals at BCL Legal. On a daily basis I speak to Lawyers who are looking for move away from their current firms’ and one

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