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Shocking behaviour in the recruitment process, you might be surprised by who!

2 updates on Linked In highlight the ‘problem’ recruiters/ recruiting clients face right now

Update 1: “After nearly 4 fun filled years… today I say good-bye to Clarks! It’s been a blast!!! Will miss everyone hugely- but excited for the new adventure!” Update 2: “As I walk out the door of my office this evening I’ll be leaving behind

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Why changing your job isn’t as daunting as you might think

When should you start exploring the market leading up to qualification?

If you’re now in the second year of your training contract then you may have already started thinking about exploring the market. As always timing is important with these things and you may not be too sure about when to commence your job search. Hopefully

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Am I being paid enough?

If you’re anything like me then apart from the August bank holiday and the 2-3 days (or should I say hours!) of summer we experience, one of the best days of August is transfer deadline day. Whether it’s the big clubs paying an extortionate amount

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Why changing your job isn’t as daunting as you might think

Leasehold Property Crackdown

The government have announced that they plan to tackle the growing number of sales in relation to leasehold houses in radical reforms to the housing market. With the aim to deliver a fairer and transparent system for the homebuyer the plans see the Communities Secretary

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Being the new guy

Where is the solicitors’ profession today – where will it be tomorrow?

I love numbers and statistics; the argument goes that they can be manipulated, misinterpreted and are very dangerous to the unwary who are unwilling to apply their own critical thinking. However, what I do find is if you put all your internal biases to one

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How do I attract better quality candidates to my law firm?

We all know that recruiting staff is getting tougher and tougher. We are living in a nation of more and more retirees, with less and less Gen-Xers to take their place. The upshot? A war for the limited resource left. As companies try to up

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BCL Legal held it’s first national careers roadshow in Sheffield

Leasehold Reforms – not before time

The looming changes in the law surrounding leasehold properties and ground rent will come as a breath of fresh for many home buyers and those caught in developer hell with spiralling costs. The main proposals include removing help-to-buy equity loan support on new-build houses sold

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South East vacancy trends, a summary of a recent Vacancysoft and APSCo report

Recruiting right now? How your internal recruitment team can make or break the process for you

The premise of my blog may seem rather odd, as you would expect a company’s internal recruitment function to have its best interests at heart, however in a significant number of cases this is simply not the case. A good internal recruitment function can be

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The BBC, Gender Pay Gaps and Recruitment

So, it would appear from the BBC’s reporting of how much it pays its top talent, that presenting TV and radio shows and are things which men do much better than women. Similarly, just having some indefinable “star quality” is something men have in spades,

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Working from home – benefits for the employee

Should I stay or should I go

In my many years of being a recruiter I find all too often that someone will have a bad day at work – usually on a Monday and decides it’s time to leave. I will discuss options with them and by the Thursday, the situation

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How can I make the most of a recruitment agency?

Someone once said “Recruiters and Police Officers have a lot in common when it comes to why we pulled you over…out of the clear blue…. Sometimes it’s obvious. And you have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can be used for or against

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Qualification quandaries?

10 reasons to choose Birmingham over London

Midway between England’s big cultural powerhouses – London and Liverpool, Birmingham has often missed out on its share of the limelight. As a native Brummie this has always irked me somewhat. Having spent a number of years living away and abroad, I am very proud

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