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“Anchoring” – use this technique to get a better deal during your salary negotiations!

Quartz magazine recently published an article which focused on studies by Columbia University and the University of Idaho. The premise of the article is that most people start their salary negotiations wrong, by opening the bidding with a single number rather than a range. Instead,

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Why lawyers love Manchester…

I feel very lucky to have adopted Manchester as my home city. I have been here for nearly 15 years and would not live anywhere else in England! The changes in the city centre during these years alone have been incredible, for example the extended

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I’m an overworked lawyer…get me out of here!

The transactional legal market has remained consistently busy over recent years.  Transactional lawyers, including corporate, banking and real estate lawyers working at all sizes of firms, from top tier/national to small boutique practices have been busy with quality work across the board, but why is

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Christmas is Closing in – Does this mean firms aren’t recruiting?

There is a common perception with legal recruitment that as you approach November & December there is a slow down on legal recruitment. Reasons for this tend to centre around the on-set of the public holidays and perhaps even a sense of weariness as you

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Should you ever accept a counteroffer after you have resigned?

It’s a scenario that we hear about a lot. Walk into your boss’s office, let them know you’ve accepted another job, give them your notice letter and they go and offer you a higher salary and improved benefits to stay. Even if you think this

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