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Social job hunting

This year, I have been in recruitment for just shy of 8 years and whilst that’s not massive innings in comparison to many, I have seen a big change in recruitment and the role of a recruiter over my time. I have laughed at many

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Group Thinking and Juries

So, I’ve been reading a few pop psychology books recently, it makes a change from novels, they’re easy to read and there’s usually something in them that you feel might come in vaguely useful in life (never stop learning!) There was a section in Richard

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The old with the new – the ever changing skyline of Manchester

I’m biased having always lived in Manchester but in recent years the city has continued to reinvent itself and is a serious contender for any city relocator! 20 years on from the IRA bomb in Manchester the city is unrecognisable (in a very good way)

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Sam bw

A change is as good as a rest

We cannot love our work all of the time and sometimes, things don’t work out and going to work every day becomes a nightmare. For some people, things will suddenly change and you’ll know it’s time to move on. For others, work will simply start

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“Anchoring” – use this technique to get a better deal during your salary negotiations!

Quartz magazine recently published an article which focused on studies by Columbia University and the University of Idaho. The premise of the article is that most people start their salary negotiations wrong, by opening the bidding with a single number rather than a range. Instead,

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