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When it comes to career breaks, how long is too long? Allow me if you will to indulge my inner child for a moment… I am a big fan of professional wrestling. Yes I know it’s scripted, rehearsed, staged and effectively a semi-violent pantomime, but

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Sam bw

A change is as good as a rest

We cannot love our work all of the time and sometimes, things don’t work out and going to work every day becomes a nightmare. For some people, things will suddenly change and you’ll know it’s time to move on. For others, work will simply start

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I’m an overworked lawyer…get me out of here!

The transactional legal market has remained consistently busy over recent years.  Transactional lawyers, including corporate, banking and real estate lawyers working at all sizes of firms, from top tier/national to small boutique practices have been busy with quality work across the board, but why is

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Azara- b&w

New Year, New You!

New Year, New Me! The epitome of universal cheese! I am sure many of you are probably thinking…Nooo! New Year, New Me can’t be creeping in already, it’s not even December… and normally I would agree! I strongly believe that there are two camps of

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The biggest surprise of 2016 and what it means for recruitment

2016 has certainly been an incredible year which has seemingly had a little bit of everything. A spate of celebrity deaths, a record breaking performance at the Olympic games, the result of Brexit vote and now the victory of Donald Trump in U.S Presidential elections.

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