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New Trainees – Top Tips, Take them or Leave Them!

It’s the end of August, and you’re finally back from Ibiza or South East Asia and various mud-splattered music festivals, tanned and relaxed. Monday 5 September – all the kids go back to school and it’s day 1 of your Training Contract. Finally all the

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Sam bw

Fight or Flight – Why would you stick at a job you do not love?

Stamina and resilience are strengths which get sports players through tough matches and the military through times of conflict. Both strengths are also present in lawyers who work in roles they do not love, otherwise why would they get up everyday and go into work?

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Christmas is coming…

So at the time of writing this, there are 85 days till Christmas Day! This thought fills me with both dread and excitement! I have 2 small children so it really is a magical time of year with them however whilst managing my day job

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Welcome Drinks with the Berkshire, Buckinghamshire and Oxfordshire Junior Lawyers Division

Despite the fact we are expecting the return of Summer for a few days this month with some lovely hot weather, September is now well and truly upon us and most people have that ‘back to school’ feeling after the Summer holidays, whether you have

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James Hitti

You Get What You Pay For

I love new business; I enjoy working with Law firms that I haven’t had the opportunity to collaborate with and marketing their business to candidates. Equally, I cherish my existing and long standing relationships and of course they too were once new clients. My job,

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