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A Change is as Good as a Rest

It’s good time to be a private client lawyer!

Here at BCL Legal, we have noticed a huge rise in private client positions in both national and regional practices. They are now looking to recruit for qualified solicitors with private client experience to join their teams. More often than not, I am instructed to

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Justyna. Kucharska

‘Why you SHOULD use a recruitment consultant to secure your next role…’

Securing a job in an increasingly competitive market is hard work and requires a lot of time and effort. Firstly, you have to do some soul searching and figure out the reasons for wanting to leave your current role and come up with a visual

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Assessing your options

To do or not to do…?

I’m a list-maker. I love them. It may be partly down to my love of stationery (the excitement of getting a new pen or starting a fresh notebook can make me a bit giddy) but there’s an added satisfaction in seeing everything I need to

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Sometimes The Things We Can’t Change, End Up Changing Us

The Best Way to Give Feedback

Bill Gates once said ‘We all need people who will give us feedback. That’s how we improve’ As a recruiter an important part of our role is providing feedback to a candidate both in a positive and negative light. Now this sounds like a really

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Don’t believe the hype

If you are considering a move, now’s the time to take the plunge!

The Yorkshire legal market is booming. As we leave Easter well and truly behind and accelerate into summer there’s a renewed optimism evident in the number of instructions we’ve had. This year to date opportunities are up 25% since 2014 across many practice areas.For a

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Is it time for a CV MOT?

Is Document Review for you?

Usually very highly paid and with a seemingly low entry criteria, Document Review roles are becoming an increasingly common way for legal professionals to make a living of late, but what does the role really entail? What are employers looking for from a potential candidate?

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What’s in a name? Keeping your maiden name in the workplace.

The rise of private client law

In the last 3-6 months, I have seen such a dramatic increase in private client law vacancies. I think it is safe to say I have seen more positions in the first quarter of this year that I did in the whole of 2014. This

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A question of quality

Ignorance isn’t always bliss

Channel 4 are on a bit of a property blitz at the moment. They recently aired a mini series titled “Damned Designs”. It is a programme where homeowners are up against seasoned and robust councillors in a fight to stop their beloved homes being demolished.

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Is it time to Reconsider Your Future as a Sole Practitioner?

Is it time to Reconsider Your Future as a Sole Practitioner?

With professional indemnity insurance costs rising and changes within the legal industry making it ever harder to survive as a sole practitioner, we are seeing an increasing number of sole practitioners joining larger practices to be able to continue to exist and to continue offering

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