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The importance of keeping in contact with your recruiter

The importance of keeping in contact doesn’t stop once you have accepted the offer and have a start date in the diary with your new firm. So why would you need to keep in contact throughout your notice period and start date? Notice period –

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Autumn is here…

I love this time of year! The days are getting shorter but the sun gets brighter as it breaks through the icy cold clouds of Autumn and Winter. There’s a crisp chill in the air and a myriad of colourful leaves falling to the ground.

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Why work for the rest, when you can work for the best

Five years’ ago I sat in a six month review meeting with my Associate Director James Brewster and talked very openly about wanting to build the biggest and most successful commercial legal recruitment team in Birmingham. Very specifically this included wanting to open up a

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Being the new guy

Coming in to a successful team can at first seem daunting. The team you join has been tried and tested on the battlefield; they know and understand each others’ strengths, weaknesses and foibles. They have achieved group norms and roles which allow them to focus

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What do you do at the weekend?

Do you remember when you were back in school and there was that one lesson, usually around the time you were applying for work experience, when the teacher sat the whole class down and talked you through writing a CV? Back then when you’re 15

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Keeping tabs on your CV

I have touched on this before, and I am sure a number of my colleagues have as well, but with the NQ season in full swing (to be fair this doesn’t just apply to NQ’s) – it is time to refresh our memories on REPRESENTATION.

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Another year another dollar

Wow, I can’t believe how fast the last year has gone it really has flown by. I joined BCL Legal on July 6th 2015 and entered the world of legal recruitment which was something completely new to me. It was a scary move as I

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Drafting a perfect CV

Your CV is a vital tool for you to sell yourself to a prospective employer. It is a snapshot of your background and experience and should make you stand out from the competition. A prospective employer will want to see clearly at a glance if

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Keep the Faith

The title just happens to be one of my favourite songs from one of my favourite bands, Bon Jovi. It’s the title song of that album too which, in my opinion, is their best work in their near 35 years in music. They’re up there

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The importance of updating changes of circumstances

I’ve written before how it pays to It pays to be up front and honest with your recruiter but what I’ve recently come to realise is how crucial it is to continuously update your recruiter about your ever changing requirements. The opening conversation between candidate

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I’ll do it tomorrow

At some point in our personal professional lives we have all been guilty of some form of procrastination. Outside of work I am sorry to admit that I am very lazy. I’m not a slob, I’m not slovenly and I’m definitely not a couch potato,

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Please stay in touch!

It is so important to keep in close contact with your recruiter. This may sound obvious to some however it never ceases to surprise me when candidates go absent during the process and when it happens it makes me wonder if the impact of this

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