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How to prepare yourself for a counter-offer situation

Good lawyers are in demand. All too often the ‘counter-offer’ puts a very big fly in the ointment and a flaw in your plans to leave your current firm. Before accepting a counter-offer it’s important to consider the reasons why you want to leave in

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Katherine Scarff

Is property the way forward?

It’s often a difficult choice that many people think of on a daily basis do you stay in your job or do you make the move? Post Brexit there seemed to be a lot of uncertainty especially in the property market some firms put recruitment

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Ria Cuming B&W

Starting a new role

The first few weeks are very important in your new role and it is vital that you make a good impression within the firm. Below are the key things that successful people do in the first week in a new job: Introductions Don’t be shy

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Azara- b&w

Joining the right firm can make all the difference

Having returned to England and BCL Legal, it’s amazing to see how people’s careers have developed since I have left. Many candidates I placed back in 2012 are now heads of departments, managers and in some cases my clients. A number of my old clients

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Emma Lester bw

Get out of town!

So after two years of hard work, you have finally qualified! For some, it can be a bitter sweet occasion. Maybe there is no opportunity for you to stay on? Maybe, there is an opportunity but in an area that you disliked during your seat?

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