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Interview preparation

The ultimate interview curveball question: What are your salary expectations?

Questions surrounding salary expectations can often be quite tricky to answer. From the perspective of the interviewer, the answer represents a benchmark figure to work from should things progress but it also can provide insight into an individual’s suitability for a role. On the other

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BCL Legal Recruitment  2005 - 2016 Salary Report

BCL Legal Recruitment 2005 – 2016 Salary Report

  Over the last decade, the UK’s economic climate has experienced dramatic changes, with all sectors and professions affected in some way by the ongoing recession, inflation and our position within the European Union. The law has been a vital industry in this country for

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What are some of the benefits to a company in hiring an In-house lawyer?

Why do in-house lawyers look for a new job?

Every year we run our annual salary survey across the UK and for 2015 we decided to include an extra question: If you were looking for a new opportunity what would be your main reason/s for looking? For many, this would have been a hypothetical

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8 Common Body Language Mistakes

Lawyer Salaries in the UK – Throwing light on a recent misleading Telegraph article

The Telegraph today published a relatively sensationalist article headlined ‘Revealed: How much lawyer’s are REALLY paid’. The article suggests that lawyers earn double the national average wage (£27,000) when they start work and that salaries rise sharply, especially for those with top degrees. The study,

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