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Category Archives: Social Media

Big brother is watching you…

I was chatting to a friend this week who said she has made the unprecedented move of removing herself from Facebook. Shock horror, how could someone even think of such drastic action! Since doing so she said it has made her feel almost liberated though

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The Pitfalls of a Strong Online Presence

“Do you know who I am?” is now probably a phrase the now infamous Ronnie Pickering wishes he’d never uttered. I suspect that Ronnie Pickering now has a desire that no one outside of his usual circle of friends actually does know who he is.

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Chin up, better luck next time

At the beginning of May, we the people turned out in the millions to cast our votes and elect the politicians who will represent us in Parliament and lead us as a nation for the next five years. I’ve noticed (mostly on social media) that

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Generation Dinosaur

I have been feeling decidedly ancient of late which is rather depressing. I put this down to a number of reasons but several standout. The first being that I was recently shown a hideous close up photo of the side of my face. Ordinarily, the

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Social Networking and Your Career

It’s hard not to follow the election this year. With only a few weeks to go until polling day the debates are becoming more animated and campaigns heated. With candidates using every angle possible to reach potential voters, this year I’ve noticed social media playing

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