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Recent developments in Personal Injury law and the effect on Claimant PI

As you’ll be aware, the announcement of the upcoming election in June has been a major talking point this month. How the result plays out and what it means for the country remains to be seen. The question that many personal injury lawyers will concern

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April kicked off with…. April fools!

Should I qualify as a Legal Executive?

Is it better to qualify as a solicitor or legal executive? I know what answer you’ll give me, but why? Prior to recruitment, I trained towards becoming a Legal Executive so you can imagine which side of the fence I am on. This was a

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Birmingham Property Hype… speeds up!

What to say at interview

I’m physically wincing as I type, whilst I reminisce that feeling you get as you are anticipating your first interview question, you want to make an impact, come across clear and concise and demonstrate your expertise without crumbling into a nervous wreck or waffling on

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Interview preparation

BCL NQ seminar and why it isn’t ‘too soon’ to make an in-house move

BCL Legal recently held our annual NQ Careers Seminar for lawyers based in Birmingham. We were fortunate enough to have a fantastic turnout and some truly wonderful speakers including Victoria Ball and Sarah Williams from Trowers and Hamlin, as well as BCL’s own, Chloe Jones

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NQ Solicitor Interviews

Failing to prepare is preparing to fail! We’ve all heard this cliché time and time again; however it’s never truer than at 1st interview stage. In this line of work, it is clear to see the difference between a candidate who has prepared and one

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April kicked off with…. April fools!

Big Up to the East Midlands!

In October 2016 I wrote a blog about Nottingham – http://www.bcllegal.com/blog/ever-heard-of-nottingham Did anyone read it? No? Why not? I am personally offended. What does the East Midlands not have that every legal professional is looking for? I am striving to get the East Midlands noticed.

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Difficult Conversations

Lack of communication leads to frustration… at home and at work!

Having been in legal recruitment for more years than I care to remember, I speak to lawyers pretty much all day every day who are frustrated in their current roles but who have never spoken openly about the issues to their manager or team leader.

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A Change is as Good as a Rest

The Reputation of a Recruiter

The clear reputation about the recruitment industry has been talked about for years. It is something like ‘Fee hungry recruiters working in a ‘cut throat’ industry, with no sense of team work.’ Here at BCL, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Let’s break this

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Candidate rich market for Commercial Property

Ireland V England 2017

As an avid England rugby fan I sat down to watch last Saturday’s final match in the six nations with a mixture of excitement and trepidation. Excitement that England could win the first back to back grand slam of the six nations era and excitement

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A Route to Success

Thinking of moving away from Personal Injury? Think again!

According to the latest economic forecast, up to 35,000 jobs may be at risk as a result of the impending PI reforms. If the government proposals do come in law 4 out of 5 people directly employed in personal injury claims may be at risk

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Been there…. Done that….

Weather the storm and hope for the best?

Alongside the majority of the Midlands, I found myself at the mercy of good old Doris last week. As many of you will no doubt be aware, Storm Doris raged through the Midlands and other parts of the UK costing the country a staggering £400

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Big brother is watching you…

BCL Legal ranked in the Sunday Times Best Companies List for successive year

I was delighted this month with the news that BCL Legal has achieved 56th position in the Sunday Times 100 Best Small Companies To Work For 2017 list, up nine places on the same list in 2016. With 857 organisations registered to take part in

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