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First Impressions…what to wear at legal job interviews

First Impressions…what to wear at legal job interviews

Does what you wear to work have an impact on how you are treated professionally?  As lawyers you have to think about how you are perceived both in the workplace by your managers and peers, and externally by clients.

First impressions count so make sure you always make a good one!  Despite a number of cases in which employees have sought to challenge particular dress codes, it remains legitimate to impose rules on employees about what they can and can’t wear for work.  As lawyers it is imperative that you look the part, it can even make the difference between being earmarked for promotion or not, so what should you wear…

There are usually written and unwritten rules when it comes to dress codes and as a general rule when going for job interviews or starting a new job it is best to veer on the side of caution and dress to impress with a relatively conservative outfit.  You can add a touch of individuality but you don’t want to look like an obvious fashion victim!

A few simple rules for everyone; ensure that you are clean and well-groomed and that your clothes are a good fit and comfortable.  Once you are in a job you will get to know the unwritten rules and can relax your style a little.

Male solicitors are usually required to wear a dark coloured suit, shirt and tie.  Your tie shouldn’t be too wacky so no cartoon characters, Christmas trees etc!

Female solicitors have a lot more choice in terms of their outfits but generally speaking should wear a skirt/trouser suit in a neutral colour or a smart dress and jacket.

Most importantly wear a smile!

Angharad Jones

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