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Emma started her legal career in 2008 at a criminal law firm in Birmingham qualifying as an Accredited Police Station Representative. In 2013, Emma moved to international practice, DAC Beachcroft, where she worked for national insurers in handling personal injury litigation before graduating as a Member of CILEx in April 2014.  

With over 8 years' experience within the legal sector, Emma joined BCL in 2015. Emma specialises in the recruitment of solicitors and qualified legal executives (from newly qualified to partner level) into leading private practices across the East Midlands and East Anglia.

She has strong working relationships with a broad spectrum of firms across the region, including boutique, regional, national and international, with a focus on commercial, real estate and private client positions. 

My recent blog posts


The benefits of updating your legal recruiter, even if you’re not looking!

Let me tell you, as a legal recruitment consultant, I’ve built a thick skin. I must leave hundreds of voicemail messages a day and send bags of emails to individuals that go ignored. Sometimes I can understand why people don’t respond - the most obvious reason: they’re not actively looking for a new job.

What’ve you got to lose?

Despite not wanting a job, what’ve you got to lose by answering a call...


What do I tell my recruiter if I’ve changed my mind after accepting a job offer?

In an ideal world, your job search should go a bit like this… You decide you want to leave your job. You attend an interview for another job and you quite like it. They like you and they offer you the role; you accept and everyone lives happily ever after. A great situation, right? Maybe, if we’re talking about ‘people’ in video games and The Sims…   What happens when you introduce real people to...


How do I network effectively? Top tips

Networking in today's market is becoming faster and easier than ever. With the increase of online networking sites in addition to social media, the face-to-face world of networking is fast-becoming undervalued. Today's professionals are time poor, so why would they want to spend their evenings attending networking events, making small talk, and drinking cheap chardonnay? My thoughts: never...

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