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Rob has over twenty years’ experience in recruitment and joined BCL Legal in 2017 to head up our talent function.  This role sees him assume responsibility for attracting and recruiting outstanding individuals to work with us so that we can continue to provide superb service to our clients and candidates.  Rob is also responsible for ensuring that our Learning and Development function fully nurtures our people and helps them to maximise their potential.

Rob is always interested to hear from people who might have an interest in joining our team.  Please drop him a line if you’d like to have an informal, exploratory chat about how a career with BCL could be the right move for you.

My recent blog posts


The Apprentice – Zelda from Terrahawks, Girl Bands and Ice Cream

OK, I have struggled with this one. As regular readers will know, I spotted Sarah right from the start (it wasn’t hard) and once I got past James’s Loadsamoney bravado, he too seemed a sensible bet. However, I am deeply annoyed that some of those who slogged away for weeks they were actually doomed from the start. For example, Joanna was rejected not because she went around with a face like a...


Week 10: The Value of a Great Selection Process

After last week’s show opened with James in his undies to answer the dawn alarm call, it was with great trepidation that Liz entered into shot for this week’s call. Thankfully her dressing gown remained wrapped up and we saw no more than a tantalising glimpse of ankle – it was more than enough. This week our intrepid band of would be Apprentices entered the wonderful world of fashion which, Shuggsy...


The Apprentice Week 9 – Donald Trump, Bushra and Stand up Comedy

One sees a lot of posts and hears a few comments of “Cor blimey Gov, that Apprentice – that lot couldn’t tie their own shoes laces – my 12 year old could do better than that…” I kind of think that’s low hanging fruit, it’s a bit obvious and, actually, some of these contestants have talent. My Apprentice glass tends to be half full rather than half empty. Oh, how that has drained away with each...

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