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Below is a list of topical in-house articles, blogs and discussions by our in-house team on all things in-house.

Can the choice of words used in a job ad affect the prospective employer’s performance and profitability?

Four interview hacks that'll help you at every interview

Why you should build and continue a relationship with a recruiter for the longevity of your 

Reasons clients don’t advance lawyers to the 2nd stage interview/offer

The bold new legal frontier: cryptocurrency/digital assets

How do I negotiate a job offer?

Should you accept a job offer whilst holding out for another?

How to work with recruiters effectively – what to be mindful of

Britain’s broken retail sector. Is the news as bad as it appears, particularly for those of us working in the Northwest?

‘Please reply by COP’… there are small tell-tale signs from lawyers looking to make a move in-house that make us question their suitability for the move to the ‘other side’

The major problem with staying too long in your job…

Being an in-house temp has never been so lucrative! - Rising day rates and an abundance of contract work...

Authority in Silence – Last GDPR thoughts before R-Day (Regulation)

How to win the recruitment war

Golden Handshakes on the rise – does the legal sector need to embrace this form of payment to attract top talent?

The accelerated degree plan, will future lawyers be behind the curve?

‘New year, new job’ – Investors in People (IIP) research suggests this sentiment has declined.

Who are you trying to fool… just be honest… everything can be sorted except lies

How much do British workers like their jobs and pay?

Burn the banks, it’s time for PSD2!

The month of turned down job offers

Pay rises and the commercial legal sector. Is it time you asked for a raise?

Try not to bring your negative experiences to interview

My top reasons why lawyers don’t accept job offers: (in no particular order)

Does a recruiter’s gut-feel still have a role to play in today’s modern assessment process?

Why should you work with a recruiter exclusively? What are the benefits to you?

2 updates on Linked In highlight the ‘problem’ recruiters/ recruiting clients face right now

What challenges face the in-house Lawyer? How do I progress my career within the company?

Don’t worry, be happy

Senior In-house Counsel - does your employer value your role?

Why is a photo on your CV seen as creepy? – Should you include a photo on your CV

A recruiting story – client feedback

Where is the solicitors’ profession today - where will it be tomorrow?

Offer declined! Another warning about slow recruitment processes

How your internal recruitment team can make or break the process for you

Hot air or Hot advice – we prefer to give the latter

Be warned: this is what your overly wordy CV tells me about you

Legal staff – delivered to you for free!

Do you know what you really want out of your career?

Employee Engagement and the Legal sector

More than ever recruitment consultants should be viewed as allies of HR/ Resourcing and not the enemy

How to best prepare for an interview… and one mistake that you will never recover from! 

When is the right time to hire your first in-house lawyer?

What is the future of the legal profession? Does Artificial Intelligence (AI) signal the end of the lawyer?

UK Recruitment Activity – strong demand and a lack of talent drives growth in temporary hires

What do you do when your new role isn’t working out for you?

How to appear confident but not arrogant or cocky in an interview....

Location, location, location!

If your move meant accepting a lower basic salary but higher overall potential would you accept it?

When you are recruiting, it is best to remember that “life is a two way street”

BCL NQ seminar and why it isn’t ‘too soon’ to make an in-house move

Calling to speak someone about your next career move? Here is some advice on how to get the most out of your call...

Thinking about recruiting? Take a Condor moment and envisage what you really need...

Why a critical eye is important when applying for jobs Is the legal profession lagging behind others when it comes to focusing so heavily on school and university grades?

The ultimate interview curveball question: What are your salary expectations? Are you a client recruiting? Your silence during the process speaks volumes.

R&D spending and investment in innovation - how might this impact legal?

When interviewing for a new role don’t make these mistakes…

The GDPR and your business…

London and the South-East – a legal recruiters take on the UK Powerhouse Report by Irwin Mitchell and Cibr

Just accepted an in-house role? Read this before marking up the contract of employment!

Why do you want to move in-house?

“Anchoring” – use this technique to get a better deal during your salary negotiations!

An interview classic: Why do you want to be an in-house lawyer?

The Brexit Conundrum – Is Brexit holding back job creation and spending?

Falling Pound Sterling + growth of the manufacturing industry = A great new job?

Sometimes the only choice can be the best choice – recruitment in a buoyant legal market

The regions? You couldn’t pay me to move there!

Interview questions YOU can ask to help find out more about your possible new role/ company...

If like me you are the 'new person' on your team, read my top tips on how to fit right in!

Recruiting lawyers in Milton Keynes, particularly within the TMT sector

How come 95% of the lawyers that register with us are happy in their current role?

Creative Clusters in the UK and the demand for in-house lawyers

Brexit: 100 days on

UK vs. Middle East: Working Relationships

I would do anything for an in-house role… but I won’t do that!

Question: what do lawyers really care about when looking for a new job?

Failures during an interview process can be costly – a real world example

Offer negotiation – the role of a great intermediary

BREXIT - an early look at its potential impact on a manufacturing client

Shocking behaviour in the recruitment process (names have been changed to protect the innocent!)

To temp or not temp? That is the question...

I have just moved back from sunny Dubai but at the end of the day - home is where the heart is!

Vacancy trends in the South East region

Do you know what a poor recruitment process looks like?

The UK is suffering from a shortage of transactional lawyer candidates... so be sure to consider these important factors when recruiting!

Looking for a new role? Going for an interview? Want to be 'the one?' Then read our interview tips...

Social media and its impact on your job prospects

Read our tips tops to consider before you begin your rectuitment process...

My question to you, the client is: do you trust me?

Being a recruiter, sometimes your negotiation skills need to be on a par with international diplomats...

What a hiring manager scans for when reviewing your CV

Unsuccessful interview? 5 top tips to get the result you are looking for...

Interview tips - what not to ask in your interview!

Interview tips - be prepared when they ask: do you have any questions? It could make or break your interview!

Lack of confidence and self doubt: largely a female issue? How satisfied are you in your job? And how difficult was your interview process? Believe it or not... the two things are connected! Congratulations to all of the winners from the Commerce and Industry Group North West Annual Dinner & Awards Ceremony!

Planning ahead, arriving early and watching your manners...just some of the things that will help you to succeed in your interview!

Employment rates & wage growth: the facts and figures Are you preparing for an interview? Well remember where you are...! Read our top tips on how to present yourself and your experience... without boring the panel!

Warning: Why you should take the personality and ability tests in an interview process seriously... BCL Legal sponsors Thomson Reuters & Practical Law's leading small and medium legal teams forum

Progression in the work place is now more important than a pay rise... do you agree? North West Commerce and Industry Group in house awards dinner 2015

The power of feedback... (no matter how big or small your legal team is!) Generation Y lawyers are moving away from the partnership track... but not for the reason you may think... C&I Group Re-launch event!

The average CV is read for between 60 and 180 seconds. Make sure yours make a good impression!

Candidate generation in a buoyant market

There is competition for in house positions at the paralegal level... so ensure you turn up to the interview!

Why an effective recruitment process is (always) key and even more so now!

Talent deficit and HR – the biggest challenge to company growth and success! Why a rising economy has a negative impact on recruitment Summer lull, is it a myth that recruitment slows down?

Working hard 'behind the scenes'

Why do in house lawyers look for a new job? Growth in the number of interim assignments

A view of the Midlands In House interim scence Lawyers hire people they feel they can have fun with!

Business is mad not to embrace flexible working... What makes a good candidate? Have in house interviews become more intense over the years? Moving in house as a NQ Solicitor - 4 myths to dispel Are you preparing for an in house interview? Here are some subtle differences you should consider... Are you preparing for a skype interview? Read our top tips! Lawyer Salaries in the UK - throwing light on a recent misleading Telegraph article Candidates key motivation for a move in a post recession market How does a 4 year PQE pensions lawyer get offered 3 in-house commercial jobs?

Whether you are a politician looking for re-election or in business - ‘Trust’ is what matters.

In House legal vacancies and automated testing procedures Have you considered becoming a 'NED'? Lawyers are amazing...here's why! 'Character' needed for young people to get top jobs Top 10 tips for preparing an effective in house budget Culture eats strategy for breakfast...and key to culture is recruitment! In House - the better place for females Top questions to ask at an interview Is there any flexibility...in relation to your perfect candidate? 8 Common Body Language Mistakes

Why are certain clients unable to fill their vacancies The continued power shift from legal service provider to general counsel

Clients be warned: Candidates have a choice so make sure your recruitment process is a good one!

Why does the role of legal now incorporate compliance & risk management? West Midlands is UK's leading employment hotspot General Counsel influence continues to grow in part due to global regulation

Does an in house legal career beckon?...don’t let you legal discipline put you off How do In House Lawyers grow their 'value'? New Year, new job and the first 100 days... How to land a GC role - what options are available The picture for women working In House is brighter than their PP counterparts! Highest Paid Jobs in 2014 Why the most costly and ‘involved' recruitment processes actually mean company’s lose out in the race for talent!

Is working in the law the best way to make your career recession proof? Flexibility - The great taboo

CVs and the 30 second test - how does your CV compare? How best to use a recruiter to find your dream in-house legal job! Conundrum of a paralegal Business confidence and Legal Recruitment The evolving role of the General Counsel Interview do's and don'ts

Why being flexible in your job search for an in-house legal role is appropriate but having no parameters is not!

If at first you don't succeed try, try again... when looking to make the move in house! In house or private practice? CV inaccuracies - thoughts to consider

Video technology and the Candidate Interview – Business wasting time and money on face-to-face interviews

Calling all in house lawyers to 'Lean-In'

5 reasons you should use a specialist recruitmentspecialist

Never bluff an interview again! Questions to think about and answers to use!

There is more to recruitment than you might well first think!

The growth in legal temps, legal resourcing and legal recruitment

Don't wait until you have an offer to decide if this is the right role for you!

The resurgence of the Yorkshire in house recruitment market

Who do we act for: "Client business" or "Candidate Lawyer" What makes people leave their jobs, and what makes them stay? US company investment in the North West Hello Mr FD, can I have another lawyer please? Another NW company listing, another opportunity for an in-house lawyer Birmingham is Booming! Why is now the right time to make the move in-house?

In House Interview Tips

Tim Livesley, risk analysis and research manager at the SRA, discusses the organisation and In-House work Why the BCL Legal's free CPD seminar programme for In-House Lawyers is so important

Insights in to successful female GCs - their past, present and future thoughts on the challenge of being a female GC

The Gender Gap-what ambitious female in-housers can do to push their career on

Why a long interview process is a turn off for lawyers