Joanna Leaver
Joanna Leaver
Operations Manager

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Communication is key - it’s a two way street

We aim to provide second to none service to our clients and the lawyers that we work with at all times. What I would say is that in order to do this communication is absolutely key both ways. I appreciate that we are all busy (especially at this time of year!), however in order for us to get the best outcome for both the people and the firms that we work with it’s important that you keep us in the loop. We can only assist to the best of our ability if we are kept abreast of developments and are up to date with your thoughts.

This is especially important when things progress to a job offer being made. If you are the recipient of a an offer (which is always lovely news for us to deliver), it’s important that you are honest about your initial thoughts, let us know about any questions that you may have and set timeframes in place so that we are able to manage things accordingly for you. After all we want to achieve the best possible outcome for you, as nothing makes us happier than finding you the perfect new job! I know it can be tricky to talk during the day. If that’s the case let us know when is best for you and we can arrange a time that suits.

For our clients - we want to find you the right person quickly who meets your needs. After interview it’s important that we are able to provide some initial feedback, even if a final decision will be a little further in the future. Otherwise it can become quite difficult to maintain momentum and the last thing we want to happen is to lose the interest of an ideal candidate for you due to lack of feedback. At offer stage things work best if you let us work closely with you in presenting the offer so that we can do everything possible in order to secure you a fantastic individual that will be an asset to the team.

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