Gishan Abeyratne
Gishan Abeyratne
Senior Associate: Private Practice

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Don’t Stop Believing

Wouldn’t life be more fun if it was like a musical?! Honestly, can you imagine just breaking out into song and dance in the middle of the street and everyone around just joining in? It would be amazing! Well that’s just my opinion of course, yours might differ and you might think I’m utterly crazy but I must admit that musicals are my guilty pleasure. I was just standing on the platform at New Street waiting for my train home and the Rock of Ages soundtrack came up on my Spotify playlist. I had to actually stop myself from singing along, out loud! That’s the thing about musicals, and music in general; it’s infectious. There are some songs that make me just want to throw a fist in the air and start rocking out, no matter where I am, and there are others that make me happy, sad, and thoughtful, the list goes on… The beautiful thing about a song is it tells a story and when you put that on stage or screen in a musical you have a collection of stories piecing together an epic tale. It’s a kind of magic.

When you think about it, your CV is like the script of your musical in a way. Last year I wrote a piece about your CV being your song - and the message is still the same, it’s your symphony, it’s your anthem, sing it loud and sing it proud. Putting a CV together isn’t a simple task, no matter how qualified you are. You have to remember everything you have done during your career to date, your training, and prior to training and so on. Luckily BCL Legal can help you with this but of course when you’re putting it together think about how you want the story to go. You might have been just a small town girl living in a lonely world, or you could be an all star getting your game on; either way your story needs to be told.

Candidates often ask us how good or bad their CV is. I promise you we will always be honest and while it might not always be what you want to hear, our advice is always given to make your application stand out as much as possible. Whether you want to be a commercial litigator, a corporate associate, a family lawyer or an employment solicitor etc the important thing is to make sure your story tells your audience why.

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