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Interim positions: the importance of embedding yourself quickly for immediate impact

Interim roles present unique and diverse challenges that differ greatly from their permanent counterparts, and with the introduction of GDPR we’ve seen an increase in the volume and urgency of these positions within the in-house sector.

Know your strengths

For in-house lawyers interested in locum roles it’s important to understand it’s a case of ‘hit the ground running.’ Some in-house lawyers are adept to getting to know a business over a longer period of time and assist with long-term strategies, but the most successful interim lawyers recognise the need to make an immediate impact, and they aim to identify the areas where they can deliver (during the temporary time there).

Don’t overlook getting to know the company/sector

Due to the temporary nature of the role, it’s tempting to skip preliminary company research. Prior to an interview, you should go into as much detail as if it were a permanent position. Due to the limited time to learn on the job, this is an important step to ensure you are best placed to deliver from Day One. This is especially true where there’s a potential to go permanent; the interim period should be treated as an audition. It’s easy to differentiate between a lawyer who’s focussed on providing the best all-around service for the company, to those who are simply there to carry out a number of tasks before moving on.

Do the little things right – integrate with your peers

I recently had an interim lawyer who chose to isolate themselves during their time with the company. They turned up late and stayed late, ate lunch alone and generally stayed put at their desk rather than getting to know the team they were working with. This had a knock-on effect on the team and ultimately, it resulted in their time – with the business – being cut short. Successful interims enjoy jumping into new teams and new challenges, producing better work and long-term development as a result.

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