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Interviews: fail to prepare, prepare to fail

Getting ready for an interview is daunting, but there are a few simple steps you can take to increase your chances of success.

Tips on interview best practice


Do your homework. Research the workplace, your interview panel and recent business events and news. The more you do the better.

I highly recommend looking through the business website so you can have a look at your interviewer’s LinkedIn profile. A quick google search to see if there are any recent articles in relation to the business’s current work. In addition, interesting news can be a great conversational discussion point before you start your interview (or as you’re leaving).

If you go to your interview and you’re clued up, it not only gives you lots of things to talk about but if you come across as knowledgeable, it will reaffirm your interest in the business and opportunity, as well as their decision to interview you.

Practise makes perfect

It may sound silly, but if you haven’t interviewed in a while you might be a little rusty.

A majority of interviews include a standard question and answer session in order to get to know you and gain a better understanding of your experience. You may be asked a few competency-based or technical questions; if you’re interviewing through a recruiter, you should have the heads up on this.

Before you go into an interview, make sure you know your CV inside and out and consider the main questions you may be asked e.g. “Why are you looking to move on from your current role?”… It sounds like obvious advice, but if you already have answers in mind it will mitigate the ‘mind blank’ predicament you can sometimes find yourself in when you’re put on the spot.

The fine line between arrogance and confidence during an interview

Dress well

Dress to impress - first impressions count for a lot. Communication is only 7 per cent verbal. Plan what you’re going to wear ahead of time. If you look good you’ll feel good.

Be punctual

Again, this sounds like an obvious one, but there’s nothing worse than turning up late to an interview! It leaves a terrible first impression and if you don’t leave enough time you’ll end up arriving stressed and agitated - not a great mindset to be in. Make sure you’ve researched the office location and local parking spots. Leave plenty of time for traffic and aim to get there around 15 minutes prior to your meeting time.

Don't stress

Confidence resonates. Make a conscious effort to make good eye contact, sit up and actively consider your body language. Don’t fidget, talk slowly and remember to smile! Finish the meeting with a firm handshake and walk slowly.

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