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“Do You Have Any Questions?” – Questions to Prepare for an Interview Panel

If you have ever been to a job interview before, chances are that you have been caught out by this question before – “do you have any questions for us?”

Whilst it can be really tempting to avoid asking anything and simply saying “no I think you have told me everything I need to know”, remember that interviews are essentially a formal conversation and you need to show the interviewer that you are as engaged in the conversation as they are!

Therefore, it will be helpful for you to go in to interviews with some pre-prepared questions.

“What do you look forward to about coming into work each day?”

This is a great question to ask as it gives you a good idea of the positive aspects of the role. The panel might tell you that the positive team culture helps them look forward to work each day or they might tell you the good work/life balance makes them happy. Whatever they tell you, it will give you an idea of what will make YOU happy in the role, and that’s important!

“Can you talk about career progression?”

If career progression is on your mind which, chances are it is, this is a good question to ask in your interview. Not only will it help you to find out more about this, but it will also show you to be ambitious and willing to put in the hard work to get those promotions – and of course, your prospective employer will love this!

“Can you talk about company culture?”

This is a good question to ask if you are coming from a team whose culture you really like, as it gives you an idea as to whether you will enjoy working with this new set of people!

Whilst there are some great questions to ask, equally there are questions not to ask also:

  • Avoid asking questions which you could easily find out by doing a quick search of the firm’s website probably won’t look so good!
  • Avoid asking questions about the finer details of the role during the interview, as this is something which is on the job spec usually and it will be discussed at interview by the panel, so asking these types of questions will make it look as though you weren’t listening!

Ultimately, asking questions during your interview is really important as it will help you to find out more information about the finer details of working with the firm, which will ensure that you will be happy in the role – so don’t shy away from it!

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