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Relaxation tips for the busy lawyer

The experience of working in law is different for everyone. Depending on the practice area you work in, you may be negotiating contracts with important businesses; examining images of extremely damaged cars and injured people; assisting people with claims against medical practitioners; or even helping people secure their first home – the list goes on! Whilst the actual tasks at hand vary wildly, I think there is one thing that all lawyers can agree on, and that is that working in law can be stressful at times... 

So, what are you to do when you get home from a long day at work, with the stresses of the day swirling around in your mind? It can be hard to switch off, but luckily there are lots of things you can try.


Going for a walk might be the last thing on your mind when your brain is exhausted from work – but don’t underestimate how much it can de-stress you! Aim for at least half an hour and find somewhere nice to do it, somewhere with lots of greenery and nature will provide a nice contrast to the office you’ve been sat in all day!


Most of the time, our muscles are tensed and whilst we don’t even realise it, it can make you feel tense. Focus on your jaw, shoulders and hands – let your jaw soften, your shoulders drop a little and loosen your fingers. How much better does that feel? In addition to ridding yourself of muscle tension, there are lots of breathing techniques you can try to calm yourself down and ground yourself –  try placing one hand over your stomach and one hand on your chest, taking slow and regular breaths in and then breathing out through your mouth. Make sure the hand on your stomach moves but not the hand on your chest. Try this for 10 breaths, twice per day – it works!


There are lots of ways to get into yoga – you can try beginner sessions for yourself from brilliant instructors online or you can try visiting a local class. It’s really relaxing and I recommend trying it before bed to help you sleep!


Do what you love! Reading, swimming, sports, cooking, baking, listening to music…taking the time to do something you enjoy will take your mind off work and remind you that you exist outside of the office also!

Will these techniques rid you of stress forever? Probably not, but they will prove handy tools to help you manage your stress levels and take some time for yourself, meaning that you can put 100% effort in to your work and avoid the feeling of burn out. 

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