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When should you start exploring the market leading up to qualification?

If you’re now in the second year of your training contract then you may have already started thinking about exploring the market. As always timing is important with these things and you may not be too sure about when to commence your job search. Hopefully this blog will lend a helping hand…

So when is the best time to start looking? I would advise that you begin your search around 6 months before you’re due to qualify. This is the perfect time to register with us as it will allow plenty of time to explore the market. As the saying goes – the early bird catches the worm. I would recommend that it’s best to work with one agency (rather than several) as it makes keeping track of your current applications more manageable. At this crucial time in your career the last thing you need is the burden of having to maintain a spreadsheet to log the whereabouts of your CV!

Working with one agency will also mitigate the risk of duplicate applications being made on your behalf – something that’s a key factor in making a good impression with your targeted firms.

Firstly however, I would always advise that you explore what your current firm can offer. If you’ve had a positive experience with your firm and you’ve established strong connections in the team the likelihood is that you would prefer to remain with them on qualification. If this option is open to you we completely understand that this will be your number one choice – after all, loyalty is great quality!

With that said it’s also really important to think carefully about the field you would like to qualify in to. Retraining in to a new area post qualification can be very difficult – think about the long term and assess the reasoning behind your choice. Will you be happy doing this type of work in 10-20 years time? Why do you enjoy it?

If you’re approaching qualification and would like further guidance the best way to get the ball rolling (so to speak!) is to send through a copy of your CV to us. Once you’ve registered we’ll be able to keep in touch and let you know about new opportunities in your area as soon as they come in. We’ll also be able to provide you with advice on the current market. We look forward to hearing from you!

For more information contact Joanna Leaver at BCL Legal.

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