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When’s the best time to ask for flexible working?

There are few firms these days that won’t consider an element of flexible working. We all have busy lives and with advances in technology logging-on from home is a doddle compared to five to ten years ago. Work-life balance is important to the majority of us and most of us will need flexible working at some point in our career.

What does flexible working look like and how do I get it?

If it’s a later finish you need due to the morning traffic, or an earlier finish to accommodate the school pick-up, most firms we work with are open to considering a degree of flexibility (within reason). If this is something you require, be open and honest about this from the get-go; this enables us to have an upfront, honest and open conversation about your needs, which avoids any confusion at interview and offer stage. If we find out about flexibility requirements at offer stage, it creates an unnecessary standoff and involves awkward negotiations that could've been avoided.

In some cases, it’s only after your set-month probation period that you're able to make a flexible working request. However, if a firm's aware of your needs from the get-go, it significantly increases chances of approval. Interestingly, whilst half of UK employers offer flexible working, research reveals that only 1 in 10 job listings mention it.

At BCL Legal we have this conversation with firms upfront, so we always know what the possibilities are around flexible working, and we always include this information in our job adverts: look out for info around flexible working in the benefits section of each advert.

For more information please contact Joanna Leaver at BCL Legal.


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