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Category Archives: 2016

Apprentice Week 8 – It’s a Dog’s Life

Imagine the scene, Lord Sugar, Karen and Claude are sitting in a cigar smoke – filled room with a gaggle of TV executives. Remains of a banquet lie on a long table; they are now into the hard stuff, a fine claret for Claude, Kristal

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Being the new guy

Why do you want to move in-house?

When you go into an interview for an in-house role, unless you are already working in house, then it is almost certain that this fateful question is going to come up. In my experience there are two over-arching ways to answer this question (although many

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Are you afraid to read this blog?


When it comes to career breaks, how long is too long? Allow me if you will to indulge my inner child for a moment… I am a big fan of professional wrestling. Yes I know it’s scripted, rehearsed, staged and effectively a semi-violent pantomime, but

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The DNA of a Champion

Hi Ho Hi Ho – its off on maternity I go…

If someone had asked me this time last year what I was going to be doing for Christmas, being the only sober one at the Christmas Party would not have been my first response! I LOVE our Christmas party – I LOVE to be the

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UK productivity gap

Exit Interviews

When it comes to why an employee has left your business is ‘ignorance bliss’ or should you want to know the reasons behind the decision? Well, as a legal recruiter I know that the biggest bar to growth is attracting and retaining staff. As a

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Difficult Conversations

On a mission…

So at anyone time, I have normally tasked myself with several ‘missions’, always a heady mix of professional and personal. Some are realistic, some not so realistic. I am also a list maker. I love my lists! So you can imagine, in the run up

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Worst interview ever?

The personal injury market

The Jackson Reforms have been a constant source of concern for personal injury lawyers and the recent announcement relating to MoJ Whiplash reforms is the latest contributor. Although previously shelved, the paper has re-introduced plans to either scrap or cap compensation for soft-tissue injuries. It

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Why using more than one recruitment agency is the worst move you can make

Leeds takes the Lead!

Having been born and raised in the great Northern City of Manchester, it hadn’t crossed my mind that I could admire another city especially in the north as much as I did Manchester. Furthermore, having supported Manchester United my whole life, I never would have

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Social job hunting

Social job hunting

This year, I have been in recruitment for just shy of 8 years and whilst that’s not massive innings in comparison to many, I have seen a big change in recruitment and the role of a recruiter over my time. I have laughed at many

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Justyna. Kucharska

The Unemployed NQ…is that YOU?

For many aspiring lawyers the ultimate achievement is securing the much sought after training contract which opens up the path to qualification. Of course this is a big achievement which is not to be undervalued by any means! However, many trainees especially those halfway through

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Shocking behaviour in the recruitment process, you might be surprised by who!

What happens when you don’t accept an in-house job offer immediately..

Lawyers are taught to be cautious and considered – I understand that… but the role of an in-house lawyer is when put on the spot with a query to give an answer. A negative that is always thrown at lawyers is that they don’t make

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A bike commuter’s thoughts on the next generation of lawyers

Group Thinking and Juries

So, I’ve been reading a few pop psychology books recently, it makes a change from novels, they’re easy to read and there’s usually something in them that you feel might come in vaguely useful in life (never stop learning!) There was a section in Richard

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