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Category Archives: 2018

Job-hunting? If you know what you want, is it OK to ask for it?

It might seem an unreasonable thing to some of us Brits who’d rather not offend, but, rather than getting 15 pairs of socks this year, I’ve decided to think about what I actually need (and like) and tell my loved ones what to get me!

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Why it’s so hard to fill 2-4 year PQE* lawyer roles, and how are other businesses finding a solution to the problem?

I’ve been asked this question many times over the past couple of years! This is my answer. The background to the problem When the financial crises struck in 2009 we saw a lack of investment by law firms in training lawyers into commercial/corporate disciplines (including

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As a lawyer candidate, do you have the ‘X-Factor’?

It’s that time of year again: the nation’s hopeful sharpen their vocal muscles and compete for a shot at the big time. What always interests me, is that those contestants who make it to the final few, have effectively made it. All the way back

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Trust your instincts and question ulterior motives: thoughts on the ‘buyback’

A short while ago I assisted a global business seeking a junior lawyer to develop. The business is impressive, the legal team even more so; with a recruiting Head of Legal who has a genuine passion for facilitating employee development. The package on offer was

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Why a good legal recruitment agency should operate with specialist teams

There are several things to consider when choosing a good legal recruitment agency, or any industry-specific recruiter for that matter. One significant factor is how an agency’s structured and whether it operates in discipline-specific teams to ensure you’re getting a thorough and accurate client or

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The importance of working with industry-specific recruitment agencies

You’ve made the decision to start looking. Enter the formidable task of job hunting. You’ve had a good look around to see what’s out there and asked a few of your contacts, but so far, nothing seems to match what you’re looking for. For those

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The 10 exit interview questions you must ask if you’re losing staff

Some law firms undertake exit interviews as a matter of routine, some don’t. For the firms that do, there’s a real focus on what could’ve been done to persuade the employee to stay. Frankly, this is a bit ‘shutting the stable door after the horse

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How to tackle the ‘I don’t know what I’m doing’ phase at your new job

I, like a lot of people who are ambitious and career driven, am a bit of a ‘perfectionist’. I used to avoid situations where I didn’t know what I was doing or things I wasn’t sure I’d be good at (avoiding ‘constructive criticism’ due to

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The fine line between arrogance and confidence during an interview

This feedback comes up often. Just the other week I received comments along these lines from a client, so it got me thinking about the ‘fine line’ (which has the added complication of being very subjective).   First of all, let’s agree on what both

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Five things to be wary of if you change your mind after accepting a job offer

The best way to describe the lead up to this predicament is the waiting for a bus analogy. You’re in a rush, you’re late for work (or to meet friends) and there are no buses to be seen – absolute nightmare! The next day, you’re

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What are the benefits of working in a conveyancing role?

I specialise in legal recruitment across the North West and specifically concentrate on residential conveyancing. Therefore, I spend a lot of my working day talking to conveyancers. Not only that but I used to be a conveyancer, I have conveyancer friends and even my other

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Why sharing your post-interview feedback is critical if you want the job

“I think the interview went well but you never truly know, do you?” We’re British after all; so just like the restaurant waiter asking whether everything’s OK with your meal – you’ve just discussed this with your dinner partner and agree you’ll NEVER return to

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